Man behind the music

Onit began his DJing career spinning Florida breaks in the Washington, DC. rave scene in 1995. He quickly acquired his first residency at Lowtech, a Tuesday night dance party held at the Caffe house on 12th and U Street. For years Lowtech was considered the most successful Tuesday night club in the DC area and even gained a mentioned in URB magazine. The party ran for four years, while moving to several larger venues in and around the Washington area.

From 1996 to 2000, Onit held residency positions in Virginia, Baltimore, and DC, in such venues as the Edge Nightclub and the legendary Trax Nightclub in South East DC. In 2000, he left the DC area to pursue a more formal education. He attended the University of New Haven in CT for four years and graduated with two degrees in music. Following graduation, he began mixing music and live studio audio for various shows on the sports cable network ESPN.

In 2007, Onit teamed up with DJ ELETE (another Lowtech resident) to put together a series of mixes for a podcast, which they decided to name Lowtech in honor of their former club. The two DJs used this outlet to post old mix tapes, as well as put out new mixes using their vast collections of vinyl. It was a way for them to memorialize some of their favorite dance tracks ever. The series is comprised of over 24 hours of mixes, in genres varying from Disco House to Drum and Bass.

Onit is always looking to cultivate new skills, and last year decided to focus on scratching and battling – he enrolled in the Scratch DJ Academy in NYC and is well on his way to becoming certified in the program. He is still living in CT and has recently started making live appearances throughout the state and into other areas of New England. He is always excited to meet new producers, DJs, promoters, and fans on his never-ending path to grow as an artist and fan of all types of dance music.